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A picture of Ebony Lucas. The 4th ward can make a difference in Chicago with the right leadership — choose Ebony Lucas! The 4th Ward includes the vibrant neighborhoods of Kenwood, Oakland and parts of Bronzeville, making it one of the most progressive areas in Chicago.

I am running to



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By voting for Ebony Lucas as your Alderwoman, you can be sure that she will make decisions with your wallet in mind. Ebony has a track record of fighting for financial stability and economic opportunity throughout her tenure on the 4th Ward – now let’s keep this progress going!


Why I'm Running

I am running for Alderman of the 4th Ward because I love the City of Chicago and I love my community.  I have been an attorney and community organizer for 18 years.  I have the knowledge, skills, and experience to improve and bring equity to city services, including improving commercial corridors, preserving affordable housing, advocating for quality education and youth development, listening to residents to hear issues and bringing resources for solutions. 

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Together we can create a brighter future for 4th Ward. With her extensive experience in real estate law, Ebony Lucas can bring a unique perspective on issues related to property taxes, economic development, and community revitalization.

Create Vibrant Neighborhoods

Ebony will strengthen commercial corridors, preserve existing housing stock, make vacant lots accessible to create jobs, keep dollars in the community, increase school funding, maintain affordable housing, and  reduce property tax burden on residents. 

Crime is not a disease, it is a symptom.

Ebony is the Alderman who has the knowledge and experience to:


Youth Development

Ebony will build strategic partnerships between unions, businesses, churches, non-profit organizations, schools, and parks to increase exposure to opportunities for youth ages 12-19.


Mental Health Services

Ebony will advocate for the use of 988 or similar hotline to reduce police interactions in cases of mental health crisis and to address pandemic, violence, and other related traumas.


Address the

Unhoused Population

Ebony will expand the use of ADU’s and championing an ordinance for smaller lot sizes so that tiny and modular homes can be built to increase affordable housing options.


Ebony is the only candidate who can represent Bronzeville, Kenwood, Oakland, and other Chicago neighborhoods with the respect they deserve. Vote Ebony Lucas for 4th Ward Alderman – she’s the champion that our district needs! Let's make sure everyone in District 4 knows why Ebony Lucas deserves their vote!


The 4th Ward encompasses the South Loop, Gap, Bronzeville, Oakland, Douglas, Kenwood, and Hyde Park Communities in Chicago.


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Join the campaign and be a part of this historic movement to bring progressive leadership to the 4th Ward! Together we can build a 4th Ward for the many! Sign up to volunteer for a canvass shift! Join the campaign and be a part of this historic movement to bring progressive leadership to West Ridge! Together we can build a 50th Ward for the many! Sign up to volunteer for a canvass shift!

4th Ward needs a leader who can bring about meaningful change. Ebony Lucas has the experience, determination and passion to tackle the issues 4th Ward is facing.
By becoming a volunteer, you can contribute directly to 4th Ward's success and help Ebony Lucas achieve her goals.
Let's make 4th Ward the best it can be! Join Ebony Lucas in her campaign today!  Your support is invaluable.


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